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Cryogenic ISO TANK

SII is one of the prominent suppliers in Indonesia who has many available ISO Tank units available for offshore and onshore hire rental.  The single compartment tank container or ISO Tank container are hired for transporting bulk liquid cargo.  The ISO Tank containers are cleaned thoroughly and duly inspected by authorized surveyors before being transported.  Please contact us for detailed specifications for your ISO Tank requirement.

Please visit our ISO Tank micro site here.

SII has the following type of ISO Tank available for rental:


Dimensions (mm)        : L 2991  W 2438   H 2591

Max. Gross Weight: 12,000 kg

Max. Tare Weight: 5,100 kg

Max. Payload: 6,900 kg

Product Payload (LIN): 5,933 kg

Operating Pressure: 65 psi (4.5 bar)

Design Reference: DNV 2.7-1 / EN12079

Codes: ASME VIII-1

Insulating Material: Vacuum Insulation


Dimensions (mm)        : L 6058W 2438H 2591

Max. Gross Weight        : 36,000 kg

Max. Tare Weight        : 9,200 kg

Gross Capacity        : 20,485 litres (5,412 US gallon)

Operating Pressure        : 250 psi (17.24 bar)

Approvals        : EN 13530-2,  ADR/RID (2009), IMDG (2008) TPED, CSC, TIR, LR CSS

Gas Cylinders

Industrial and Specialty Gases are being transported using gas cylinders. In a country where gases are needed for the development, Indonesia needs a lot of gas cylinders. Currently most Indonesian companies are using old gas cylinders. Most of these gas cylinders are no longer safe to be used and need to be replaced. For years now, Indonesia has been importing used gas cylinders from America, Europe, and Japan to solve this matter. But now, China has given us a new option to solve this problem.

Cooperation with Shanghai High Pressure Container Co., Ltd. enables PT. Surya Indotim Imex to supply Indonesia with high quality gas cylinders at a competitive price. Industrial and Specialty Gases can now be transported using a new and safe gas cylinder at low cost.

Shanghai High Pressure Container Co., Ltd. is the largest enterprise highly specialized in manufacturing and trading gas cylinders in China with a history of over fifty years. As the first to manufacture gas cylinders, it has achieved the total sales of over ten million units since 1958.

Within the short period of time, PT. Surya Indotim Imex managed to supply gas cylinders for several cities, such as Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, Anyer, Semarang, Surabaya, Pekanbaru, Balikpapan, Manado, and Pontianak. 

Gas Valves and Pressure Regulators

SII not only supplies the gases and gas mixtures for your application, but also provide the specialty gas equipment necessary to ensure that the high quality gas integrity is maintained all the way up to the usage point. With poor quality products and poorly installed equipment, very pure gases and mixtures with low levels of condensable components are very easily contaminated. SII, with its expertise and knowledge, is here to make sure you have the right equipment for your needs. 

SII works together with Shanghai General Gas Valve Factory and Shanghai Regulator Factory to supply Valves and Regulators in Indonesia, other than the specialty gas regulators. SII’s Pressure Regulators and Gauges always enjoy credits of top quality, safety, and reliability among all end-users.

Shanghai General Gas Valve Factory is a leading professional manufacturer providing a full range of gas valve productions. Founded in 1958, it is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of gas valve production in China. Shanghai Regulator Factory is the manufacturer of various types of pressure regulators and gauges.