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Air separation plants are designed to generate oxygen, nitrogen and argon from air through the process of compression, cooling, liquefaction and distillation of air. As an experienced and knowledgeable manufacturer of air separation plants with the most advanced technology, using Japanese technology, where can manufacture a wide range of plants, from compact plants for semiconductor manufacturing to ultra-large plants for the iron and steel industry.

We are global leaders in plant manufacturing supported by our expertise in industrial gases

Drawing upon knowledge and experience in the manufacture of industrial gases, we have also nurtured expertise in plant manufacturing, and we are now recognized as global leaders with world-class technologies in this field. In 1935 Taiyo Nippon Sanso successfully constructed the first Japanese-made air separation plant. As Japan's top manufacturer of air separation plants, we have a spectacular track record, and have constructed many plants all over the world. Taiyo Nippon Sanso continues to tap its rich experience and advanced technologies to develop and build the world's largest class of air-separation plants as well as PSA nitrogen gas generators and CFC-free ultra-high-purity nitrogen manufacturing equipment to protect the global environment, winning critical acclaim from industries around the globe.

Plant engineering center (Kawasaki)   

 Plant engineering center (Kawasaki)         Air-separation plant exported overseas




 Air-separation plant constructed overseas   Ultra-high-purity nitrogen gas manufacturing equipment



 PSA nitrogen gas generator                                 Large-scale air separation plant


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